​”You desire to move on to a higher level than where you are but what efforts are you making to place you in that esteemed position? When you are consciously taking new steps, you are negotiating your way to a new level. It is all about ACTION!” – Seed of Thoughts and In-Depth Conversations. 

Everyone makes plan and new resolutions for the year but how many actually takes adequate steps to see the plans achieved? How are you going to work on your plans for the year? You must be ready to resist any stumbling block ahead of your way to achieving greatly. 

Never resist change. Be adaptable to change but never lose focus on the achievement of your goal. Robert Greene emphasised that the oak tree that bend lives longer; its trunk grows wider, its roots deeper and more tenacious. Be ready to make changes where needful to enjoy high level of greatness. 

Your enemies must hear the noise concerning your victories and greatness. Arise and take necessary actions NOW!