Exxo Oils is a Program that gives  the public  an opportunity to invest in used and crude oil.

The Company collects used oil around the globe, crude oil from the sea.

✏ company refineries are in Singapore .

✏ company will then sell the oil on behalf of investors thus making a huge profit for them .

*Investment Options*

There are  2 options of investment .

💠 30 days option :you make 1.5%  daily on your initial amount  giving you  45% a month.

💠 60 days option : you make 2% daily on your initial investment amount giving you 60% per month.


There are two possible ways of becoming  an  Oiler , an opportunity worth taking .

✏ when you referred 50 active buyers through your link ( your direct down lines and their down lines )

✏ when your initial investment is R30, 000

Note investment starts as little as R200. If you seriously want to change your life , make a difference in your status, start with a large amount .

*Oiler Benefits*

Multi Level earning Stream

💠Level1:10% referral bonus ( from your direct line)

💠Level2 : 4% Bonuses ( from the direct line’s referrals – your second line)

Level3.  2.5% Bonuses  (from your third line referral)

Many more opportunities are opened for you within .  Come join and change your life.

 Join now  at :


Install this cool application Exxo Oils:

*How to Register*

🖊 click on the  link from your up line

🖊 fail in the required details

🖊 click on create me account now

🖊you will receive mail. Check your inbox plus spam and verify as per mail

Your account is now created.

Go to the website : 

🖊 log in and click on the three lines to drop the menus

🖊 click on manage profile

🖊 update your country and region and confirm

🖊 update your bank details and confirm. Please stick to the formulae given .

 You account is now fully activated .

*How to place an order *

  Go to  dashboard

🖊go to buying oil

🖊 fill in the amount you want to invest . The system will calculate the amount of litres .

🖊 choose the period of investment


 Log out and wait for an sms via your cell to tell you that you have been matched with seller.

Note you will not be able to place an order without updating your profile first .

*How to pay*

You have now received an sms .

 Log in to your account

🖊 scroll down to seller. The name will match that on your sms.

🖊 at the bottom of the seller’s box will be “open” click on it

🖊 this will display the payment details . Pay and keep deposit slip or proof of payment.

🖊 scroll further down you will see a place where it says upload the proof of payment .

🖊 upload it and confirm

 Log out.

Do not phone the seller please . If seller does not confirm the receipt of funds , the company will.IMG-20180211-WA0021.jpg


IMG-20180203-WA0012.jpgIMG-20180210-WA0005.jpgIMG-20180210-WA0004.jpgIMG-20180211-WA0017.jpgIMG-20180121-WA0002.jpgIMG-20180122-WA0040.jpgFB_IMG_1516577496704.jpg‪+27 74 296 2692‬ 20180113_220600.jpgtumieus2017 20180126_231654.jpg


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