If you really want to take your life to the next level, then you have to be willing to shed some relationships. Not all relationships are nurturing. Some are toxic; too bad for your emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth! Avoid them. Some people are so negative that they can’t see anything good in your life. They think negative. They speak negative. And they even act negative. They kill joy. They kill dreams. They stall progress. They dampen spirit.

Don’t allow them to infect you with their negativity! Stay away from them because, you cannot get to your goals unless you are surrounded by the right people. Begin to associate yourself with positive people; people who can fire you up with the enthusiasm to keep going even when you don’t feel like it; those you can learn and grow from. I urge you to cultivate a positive mindset. Develop strong mental resilience! And stay positive in the face of adversity. I know you can do it. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

The year is coming to an end. 10 days to go.
Are you disappointed? Are you feeling that you have not achieved your dreams or set goals?
Let me encourage you.
Proverbs 16:1 To humans belong the plans of the heart, but from the LORD comes the proper answer of the tongue.
Yes, you wanted to be in your own house, having your own car, married or in a relationship, a job or a business. All is not wasted.
God makes everything beautiful in His own time.
Don’t feel sorry or a failure because of all these happenings.
You are within God’s agenda and plan.
God’s blessing for you is irreplaceable.
Delay is not denial.

Living your life without having well written down goals, is just like travelling on a road without road signs. Either you will take longer to get to your destination or you may not get there at all! Goals that are not written down are just wishes and fantasies. So, put your pen to your paper. Write your goals down! Whatever you want out of life, clearly define it, write it down and do something everyday that moves you closer to that goal! As long as you never give up, you will get there. You can do it. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Did you know that discouragement is one of the means by which lives of some people are terminated? The fact is that discouragement kills more people than other major sicknesses or diseases. Discouragement is a yardstick by which many people lose their morales to achieve greatly.

As the year 2017 is ending, ponder about what you have been desiring to achieve but suffered setback as a result of the discouragement you’ve experienced from people.
You need to be self motivated. Never must you allow the negative opinion of others concerning your believe deter you from fulfilling your life purpose. Most successful people have suffered rejection at one stage or the other in the pursuit of their life purposes. Realise that rejection is only someone else’s opinion of you, not yours or God’s!

The fact is God has prepared many receptions for you instead of rejection. Rise up to SUCCESS! Never give up. Hold on to your passion, fulfill purpose. Be rugged in pursuing your life purpose. Great things still happen. You are destined for greatness, persevere! Good morning, have a fantastic day ahead.

If you decide to act on your dream, you are going to experience pain. Even if you decide not to do anything about your dream, you are still going to experience pain. You cannot escape pain as long as you are still breathing. But the question is, which do you prefer: the pain of risk or the pain of regret? You can do it. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Wait on God. Wait for the perfect timing for your manifestation. Never get tired of waiting. Your harvest is at the corner. If you’ve done all the needful and you are waiting for the benefit, wait patiently. Your labour will be awesomely rewarded.

Understand that there is a time for every purpose to manifest. Your time to celebrate is around the corner when your waiting will be celebrated. You may not know before now that the African elephant carries her baby in the womb for about 2 years before giving birth, the elephant cannot group herself in the position of the opossum, a cat – like animal that gives birth just between 12 to 13 days of pregnancy neither can the elephant compare herself to chicken that give birth within a short period of time.

If the elephant won’t want to wait for the perfect timing, she should be prepared to give birth to babies that won’t survive! Wait on God. The remaining days of the year are full of pleasant surprises, you will have yours. Stay lifted, remain blessed.

May the God of hope fill you with Joy and peace as you trust in him so that you overflow with Hope by the Power of the Holy Spirit .



You have to understand that some people will try pretty hard to make you feel worthless & just write you off. But remember – Your value doesn’t & never will decrease based on some people’s inability to see your worth.

Remember before you cook beans you go through a selection process in which all the seemingly bad beans are thrown away so only the good beans remain for cooking.

However, when rain comes, the bad beans you threw away in the backyard become , germinates & grows into beautiful crops, with luscious leaves that everyone starts to admire & from them come plenty of beans seeds that germinate & the very same person who judged & threw them away will pluck the leaves & cook for a healthy meal.

You may be judged, despised & discarded today but, the same people judging & writing you will turn to you in your moment of glory because you never got to lose your worth just because they looked down on you. It was just time.

Now listen to me – Let anyone look down on you but,do not curse yourself when people look down on you. Your rain is coming & is its a matter of time. Your germination moment could just be around the corner .

Your life will change & those that looked down on your will start to look up to you. Those that threw your number will search for it like a needle when your time comes.

Hold on to God ‘s promises & believe he will change your life.


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